The winery “Casa Cervognano” was born from a Nello’s dream, member of Parri’s family. Theyalways had this dream every time that they went to prune an olive tree or to collect a basket of grapes on the family estate in Cervognano.
The time, on the land situated under Chiesa della Madonna della Querce, seems like it stopped sixty years ago when all family members got together on Saturday and Sunday to manage the camp side, the animals and the vegetable garden; and in the end this finished all around a table full of genuine and homemade things. The excellent wine and the olive oil enriched the table, made alive by the cackle of children chasing animals in the garden.

That is Casa Cervognano and that was the dream of Nello: he wanted to see his family grow in this corner of unspoiled nature.

Casa Cervognano, managed until 2004 by Vera, Nello’s daughter. Today is manage by Emanuela, Vera’s daughter, and she wants the highest expression of family management: today they produce wine like in the past. Because they want to valorise the territory, they are convinced that the wine is better if you produce it in the camp side, bringing sangiovese to the cellar at the right point of ripeness and with wealth of polyphenols that only this area can naturally give.

6 hectares of vineyards in the heart of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano district


Holiday in Tuscany

Immersed in a splendid panorama of olives trees and rows of vineyards, Casa Cervognano offers to its guests the opportunity for a relaxing stay surrounded by the beauty of the Tuscan countryside